Our Company:
Since 1984, Shen Wei USA Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of premium latex, nitrile, and vinyl medical and industrial gloves. Since then, Shen Wei USA Inc.’s passion to think outside the box has brought new ideas and products that have transformed human health. Our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer care are powered by our employees who inspire to make a difference.

Headquartered in Union City, California with manufacturing facilities in China, Shen Wei USA Inc. continues to expand its history of achievement and innovation. To ensure a quality product, our manufacturing facilities in China are in full compliance with cGMP and are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE certified.

Our Vision:
We strive not only to bring premium products to the marketplace but to also challenge the way people think, see, and feel about gloves. Through unique offerings, Shen Wei USA Inc. provides products that satisfy unmet needs.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to promote your success!

Our Values:
Shen Wei USA Inc. understands that the importance of a Quality glove. With millions of people touched each day by what we do, we place the needs of the people we serve first. We make it our responsibility to produce and provide the finest products to our customers.

Innovation is the heart of our company. We continually challenge ourselves to provide unique solutions to unmet needs in the market. Shen Wei USA Inc. is the inventor and patent holders of Aloe gloves. We also introduced the pH 5.5 glove and easy to don Hydrex coating, patent pending. Shen Wei USA Inc. was the first in the industry to improve the quality of glove dispensing to reduce waste and contamination with Pack rite packaging.

Shen Wei USA Inc. is here to promote your success. We strongly believe in Customer Care, and treat all partners large or small with the same level of integrity and honesty. We make it our mission to encourage collaboration, innovation and opportunity.

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