Halloween 2014- Vote for your Favorite Costume!

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Health Care Trends in the USA

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In the USA health care costs continue to rise year on year. Currently, estimates indicate that over 2.7 trillion dollars are spent annually on health care.  Although health care spending continues to increase year after year, during 2013 the growth rate was at an all-time low. In 2013 although the rate of growth was thought to have declined to 3.6%, in 2015 it is expected to increase to over 6%. The effect of this trend is already being seen in the health care Industry.

Previously, Americans who had to pay out of pocket for procedures were electing to have fewer procedures done, but with the affordable care act’s mandate for country wide health insurance, more and more people are electing to have more producers done. Furthermore the affordable care act has caused health care costs to increase at a slower rate. Essentially, there has been more spending but less costs for hospitals. This has been great news for the health care Industry and also good news for many citizens who are able to get the treatment they need but previously couldn’t afford.

As health care spending growth continues to outpace the rest of the US economy, there is no better time than now to capitalize on this trend. With the increased demand for elected procedures in the USA, there also will be an increase in demand by hospitals for materials needed for these procedures (such as gloves). In Q2 of 2014 alone, revenue increased by over 8 billion dollars, more than the previous four quarters combined.

ebola gloves

As such, hospitals have more revenue to purchase superiorly made gloves and no are moving away from purchasing low quality cheap options as during the recessionary period. As the recent Ebola outbreak highlighted, cutting corners with cheap inferior products is not an option and has come under intense public scrutiny. Today, many nurses and doctors insist on triple gloving when dealing with possible Ebola infected patients to maintain security.  It is important for any supplier to have options that can protect from blood penetration, bacteria as well as liquid and gases.  When purchasing gloves make sure they have the proper ASTM level clearance to be assured of their quality and ability to protect users from any threat. Because when it comes to health, cutting corners is not an option.

Message from the President, Belle Chou

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Shen Wei celebrates 30 years this May and we feel younger than ever.

The company was incorporated in California in May, 1984. My mother, Madam Kao, set up the company so my brother Willis and I could come to America for better education. The name Shen Wei came from our parents’ Chinese names. “Shen” means birth or to give rise to. “Wei” means benevolence. For three decades, we humbly focused on the manufacturing and distribution of gloves for hand protection. We set aside conventional thinking to provide incomparable products and tireless support to prosper our partners’ businesses. With that in mind, “To Promote Your Success” became our mission statement.

As a manufacturer, Shen Wei has been distinct from day one in many ways. We take pride in innovation and quality, differentiating our products from numerous Me-Too products. Each Shen Wei team member is dedicated to creating exceptional customer experiences. We feel a great sense of accomplishment when we can contribute to the success of our business partners.

Today, headquartered in California, we have 5 manufacturing facilities and two regional offices in China providing uninterrupted services 24/7 to our business partners. Our product lines have expanded from disposable medical gloves to industrial and chemical protection gloves. I am extremely grateful for our business partners’ continued support and every Shen Wei team member’s dedication and loyalty.

Shen Wei remains committed to driving innovation and growth to be a classic company that brings championed products and finest services to our business partners for the next 30 years and more.

Shen Wei USA Inc. Halloween 2013 Group Photos

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Please check out our few group photos of our Halloween 2013!

Thank You!

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Shen Wei USA Inc. Halloween 2013

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It is the time of the year for Halloween Costume contest! This year’s theme is “International Costume”.

Please check out our photos below and vote as many people as you like. The winner with the most votes will receive a $100 cash price so please vote for your favorites!

Kindly email all votes to maria@shenweiusa.com by Friday, November 15, 2013.

Thank you for your participation!

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Happy Chinese New Year 2013!

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Shen Wei USA, Inc. wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year 2013!!

Wishing everyone a year filled with happiness, good health and prosperity!!

Shen Wei (USA) Inc. Halloween 2012 Contest

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Shen Wei is having a costume contest in honor of Halloween! This year’s theme was “The Addams Family”.

Check out the photos and vote for your favorite! Kindly email all votes to annie@shenweiusa.com by Thursday, November 16, 2012. 

Thank you for your participation!

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